Colorful Chairs

Colorful Chairs


  • Akçalı Spray
  • 314 light green
  • 320 red
  • 316 chrome yellow
  • 524 fluorescent bead blue
  • Newspaper for protect and mask the work place
  • 180 abrasive sandpaper
  • 220 sandpaper
  • Paint remover (if necessary)
  • Permomacun Synthetic Paint Putty
  • Tack cloth (high quality suitable cotton gauze)


Step-by-step Spray Paint Project

  1. If the surfaces have a thick old paint deposit, use a paint remover, otherwise just blast it.
  2. Protect the work surface with the newspaper and make sure you wear protective gloves and protective goggles.
  3. Apply the paint remover after applying the paint instructions to remove the paint layers – multiple applications and ejections may be required
  4. Clean all surfaces with Thinner to remove scraper and last paint parts and allow to dry
  5. Sand the surface of the chairs with 180 sandpaper
  6. Fill any lump, ding or crack with wooden paste after package instructions
  7. Emery with 220 grams of sandpaper
  8. Use a vacuum tack cloth to clean any dust particles
  9. Apply primer to all surfaces and allow to dry.
  10. Use a white liner for light colors and a gray liner for dark colors
  11. Again use the tack cloth to clean the dust particles
  12. Wait for 24 hours drying after you have done the painting process with the Akçalı spray.

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