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Akçalı Spray Paint 400 ml cans

  • 29 standard colors,
  • 16 metallic colors,
  • 7 fluorescent colors, glossy, satin and mat varnish,
  • 1 car rim paint,
  • 6 colors car bumper paint,
  • 4 colors of stove paint.

a total of 66 colors.

Review Color Chart

Yes, you can paint your car rims with Akçalı Spray car rim  colors. Akçalı spray Rim Color has chrome and bronze colors.

Yes, You can paint wooden surfaces with Akçalı Spray. Please don’t forget the test on the invisible surface before begins.

2,5-3 m2 (single coat) / 400 ml can depending on assortment.

Ensure application surface to be painted is clean, and fully freed from grease, dust,
loose particles / paint layer, rust and humidity. The can is ready to apply. Release the security trigger on cover, shake it well (for at least by 1-2 minutes after you heard the agitator ball has started to rattle inside) and push in short blasts to apply with constant finger pressure on its dispersion valve from 25-30 cm distance from surface and apply it with an even dispersion rate in double cross consecutive light coats (shake occasionally during the use and allow 3-5 minutes between twocoats). When the application is finished, if still remainder paint in the bottle, return the bottle upside down and press on its dispersion valve until it loosens in order to be able to re-use it at another time.

Touch-free in 5-20 min. Full dry in 8-12 hours. Resistance to abrasions and chemicals in 24 hours.

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